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All Alone [May. 31st, 2006|06:13 pm]
Hicks Fics - A Taylor Hicks Fanfiction Community


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[music |Taylor Hicks: Try a Little Tenderness]

Title: All Alone
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Just Taylor and mention of Elliot
Disclaimer: Don’t sue me this is for entertainment only. Don’t flame me either. As it was pointed out we take great pride in the fact that we are going to hell for this.
Notes: I bet yall can’t guess what inspired this one. It’s short and to the point.
grayissexy this is for you!
Oh and a lot of details and little dialogue because well he is by his self.

It was hot, just a little to hot for Taylor’s liking. He wiped the sweat from his face and frowned. The Texas sun was beating down hard on him as he took a casual stroll around The Reliant Park in Houston that day. He looked down at his watch, still 5 hours until he had to show up for the stylist to do their normal screwing up of his hair. He had to admit it looked OK like that but he just preferred to wake up, wash it, and shake it. It was easier that way. Though nothing was easy anymore. The only thing that gave him any type of joy was The Soul Patrol. It often blew his mind when he thought about how many joined together in the following of what he loved to do. They were the only ones that seemed to get Taylor. They knew what you saw was what you get unlike a lot of people. Clive had made a statement about not knowing how he was going to market Taylor’s “goofy” appearance. It was those little things that got under his skin and he knew without a doubt it did The Soul Patrol’s too. He knew he was going to have a hell of a fight on his hands trying to convince Clive he wasn’t changing a damn thing about who he was. The thoughts continued to run through Taylor’s mind as he walked through the back door to the rather large stadium. He knew before long he would find happiness in the thousands of people chanting “Soul Patrol”
He made his way to one of the small dressing rooms and shut the door. He sat down on the small couch pushed off in the corner and scanned the room.
“What the hell am I supposed to do for the next 5 hours?” He asked out loud.
He eyes landed on Elliot’s laptop lying on top of a near bye table.
He shrugged. “The internet has always passed the time before.”
He grabbed the laptop and sat down on the couch, turning it on. He went to the normal places including the American Idol boards. It always made him smile at his new heartthrob status. He had never been anything special before and now there were women nicknaming his ass and talking about how certain things he did made them hit the floor or Thud as they put it. He pulled down the list of Elliot’s favorites and noticed Livejournal listed there. He had heard a lot about that place before but he had never actually been to the site. So he decided to give it a go. He figured if it was good enough to be in Elliot’s favorites then it was worth looking at. He looked, as the page pulled up, a small picture of Elliot’s face in the right corner.
“Wow I didn’t know he was so vain.” Taylor chuckled. “Yamaster? Well that’s an original username.”
He found the search box and typed his name, stopping for a moment. He shook his head slightly.
“Vain? Look at me, searching for stuff about myself online.” He shrugged and went back to what he was doing. He found what he was looking for “The Taylor Hicks” community. He clicked the link and started scanning through the pages. He noticed it was mostly posts about his appearances, pictures, and the occasional comments about “the onion”. He laughed to his self.
He found a post that made him stop especially noticing the large comment count. He chuckled at the username that posted the thread “grayissexy”.
“NC-17, smut, yeah the good stuff.” He read out loud.
He couldn’t help his self; he had to read it now. He opened the post and started reading. He chuckled lightly thinking that was about how his ten-year reunion went. He really wasn’t sure why he attended in the first place. So far nothing seemed to be worthy of a NC-17 rating. Then he stopped his eyes widening some. OK just a kiss he thought even though his cock had already started to harden slightly. His eyes eagerly scanned the pages taking in every detail. He chuckled again at the almost perfect portrayal of his apartment.
“Why did Sean post those pictures again?” He wondered out loud.
“Holy crap.” He stammered reading the words on the page in front of him.
He felt his cheeks blush slightly especially since his cock was harder than hell, aching in his tight jeans. His eyes scanned the room and they fell lightly on a box of Kleenex. He stood up, locking the door to the small room and grabbed a couple of the tissues and sat back down to where he had left off. He quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, pushing them over his hips. The thought that someone might catch him reading online porn about his self only added fuel to the flame. He grabbed his cock in his hand, wrapping his large hands around the shaft massaging it lightly. As he read the words he would pump lightly at his cock, using the precum as slight lubrication. He stroked the shaft of his cock pulling the skin lightly towards the head, moaning lightly. He was now in the part of the story where Grace was riding him and his eyes closed, imaging a beautiful woman sitting on him. He managed to open them enough to read the words to follow as he continued pumping his self, the strokes picking up faster and faster. He felt the tingle start in the head of his cock and his hips start to quiver. With an eager pump he shot cum all over his hand and his shirt moaning lightly. He continued to stroke his self for a moment spreading cum on his self. He sat there for a moment sweat running down his face. It was now hotter in that little room than it had been when he was taking his walk earlier. He looked over at the Kleenex laying next to him and laughed. That was the last thing on his mind at the time. He grabbed them using them to clean the cum from his hands. He grabbed a few more and frowned as they fell apart not able to clean everything up like he would’ve liked. He managed to do the best he could with them and pulled his pants up. He put the tissues in the trash burying them towards the bottom, unlocked the door and left the room.
A few minutes later Elliot walked into the room and noticed his laptop open, his screensaver on. He wrinkled his forehead in confusion knowing he had turned it off. He sat down and moved the mouse to see why it was on. When he saw the screen he chuckled loudly, reaching over his head to lock the door.
“I wondered how long it would take him to find this stuff.” He said heading off towards the Yamin fan fiction community.

~The End~

From: grayissexy
2006-06-01 03:03 am (UTC)

I love you so much for this!!!! :)

(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: julianathursday
2006-06-01 03:14 am (UTC)
I'm glad you liked it. We have to make sure anna_salem includes your fic in our typed up collection we have going.
I am pretty sure your fic will forever be the infamous fic!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: julianathursday
2006-06-01 03:14 am (UTC)
Hey you said your a comment whore you got almost 200, LMAO!! That's more than all of us combined!
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: grayissexy
2006-06-01 03:21 am (UTC)

Yeah, that little comment came back and bit me in the ass.
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